Catalina’s Must-Haves
Hair Ties

Whether my hair is in its long phase or shorter phase, I’ll always have a hair tie on-hand to get it out of the way for when I need to hustle.

Google Calendar

I live and die by my google calendar. I work best when I have expectations set and my time well-managed.  If it’s on the calendar, it’s happening.

Jack & Stella

Although they do not appreciate the fact that they live rent free, I love them dearly and rely on them for my daily does of serotonin.

Post-it Notes

My desk is always littered with post-it notes containing lists, random thoughts, and notes from phone calls. If it’s important to remember, it’s on a post-it.

Brian’s Must-Haves

I’m a huge Napoli fan, and still have extended family that lives in the area. I never miss a match!


I used to drink 7 cups of espresso a day while living in Italy, and when I saw an Italian doctor due to heart palpitations, he simply told me to not drink 7 cups per day.


I always have a moleskine sketchbook on hand for on-site notes, quick sketches, and task lists.

Yoga Mat

Practicing yoga is an integral part of my day. It gives me a mental break from the daily grind.

Leah’s Must-Haves
Ball Mouse

It takes a little bit of getting used to but it’s perfect to use with a laptop when you’re on the go… or on the couch.

Cold Brew Coffee

With a big splash of milk. I drink cold coffee anytime of year. It sinfully easy to make a glass, or three, in the morning.

Noise Canceling Headphones

I received these as a birthday gift and they are my favorite tool to help for get in the zone and get work done.

26 oz Water Bottle

 I love having my big water bottle with me on busy days or just moving about the house. 

Stella’s Must-Haves
Toy Mouse

Ever since I was adopted, I have cherished the same toy mouse. I have added dozens to my collection over the years, but I always come back to my day one toy mouse.

Fuzzy Blankets

I can’t resist curling up on a fuzzy blanket if one is within sight. The fluffier, the better. I will smack the other cat off of my blanket if he dares to step upon it.


I love to chomp my human’s plants despite their constant begging me not to do it. I don’t care what the haters say.

Human Food

Who needs cat food when you can have human food? I’m always trying to run away with a piece of bread or meat when my humans aren’t looking.

Jack’s Must-Haves
Catalina’s Hair Ties

Irresistible. I can’t NOT sang one if left unattended. Drives her crazy. She’ll never find my hidden stockpile.

Brian’s Socks

Absolutely irresistible. I take these and litter them around the house. No use looking for a matching pair of socks!

Paper & Pencils

I love to take these at the most inconvenient times! Need to jot down an idea? Too bad!

Stella’s Food

Why eat just my own food when I can also eat Stella’s? She’s always going for human food or plants anyways.